Helen Ruth is a luxury accessories label specialising in digitally printed silk and wool scarves, printed and hand-finished in Scotland.

Each scarf starts with original hand-drawn illustrations, usually in pen and ink. These artworks are then converted to digital files to be coloured, repeated, mirror imaged, collaged and combined with found imagery and photography to create the intricate and layered prints of the scarves.

It has always been a a core value of the brand to keep production local and ethical. Printing is carried out in Glasgow, and the hand-finishing in Aberdeen.

Allied with these local production and manufacturing values is the brand’s signature style statement: designs are inspired by the wild Scottish landscape and animal life, as well as fairy tales and traditional folklore.  Each scarf tells its own story – a well known and loved tale, an old saying or a personal childhood memory, giving the wearer an emotional connection to the piece.  Often spiking beautiful design and illustration with subtle sinister undertones, there is always more than meets the eye!

The brand was launched in early 2010 when designer Helen Greensmith was one of the few designers hand-picked from the many applicants wanting to showcase their work in a new concept store, Wolf and Badger, in Notting Hill.  This was a seminal moment in the development of Helen as a designer, having graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with a first class honours degree in textile design in 2008, followed by success in winning that year’s Como/ Texprint scarf design competition and working in Como, Italy, the heart of the silk printing industry, designing prints for the fashion industry.